Decrees for Life!

Adapted from Brenda Kunneman's Book The Daily Decree

Declaration Week 1
Your Energy is Renewed
Based on Isaiah 40:31
Today, in the spirit of the divine agreement, we decree that your youth is being renewed like the eagle. You shall run and not grow weary and you will walk and not faint.
Together, we speak over your energy; vitality, life, and longevity. We break off your life the effects of lethargy, exhaustion, and fatigue. We say that all your emotional and bodily functions, systems, hormones, cells, and organs operate properly as they were created by God and shall not cause you to be tired or worn out.
We bind up all stress-causing circumstances that would make you weary and we say that they are replaced by seasons of joy unspeakable and full of glory.
Right now we declare that the life of God flows through your entire being in a fresh new way and revitalized energy rests upon you now!


Declaration Week #2
Virtue and God's presence upon you!
Based on Acts 10:38
Today we decree together that we experience encounters with God's tangible presence. We say that our mind, heart, and physical being feels and senses the power of the Almighty. May our bones be filled with supernatural life. We call upon the Lord to touch us in an unusual way that a fresh anointing comes upon us. May the hand of God be upon us everywhere we go. We say that every place we walk this day the glory of the Lord shall go before us, stand beside us, and also be our protection from behind. Even as the anointing of the Lord was with Jesus, so shall that same anointing be upon us. We prophesy that the heavenly gifts shall rest upon us and that we are able to manifest the Kingdom of heaven in all our circles of influence. We declare right now that we shall say; "The presence of the Lord leads me, is here with me, and upon me" AMEN!


Declaration Week #3
Divinely Set Up
Based on Romans 8:28
Today we decree that we come into the place of a divine setup. We decree right now that we begin to see the Lord arranging, rearranging, shifting, and changing circumstances for good. We say right now that our eyes are opened to see that God is at work in the most difficult situations. We call for a divine revelation to come upon us, enabling us to see the myriad of angels moving on our behalf at this very moment. We declare that we are able to see God setting things in order. We break the power of setback and decline. We command every spirit of hindrance and resistance to be bound in Jesus' Name. We call upon the Lord to make the way so we can go forward in victory and that all things shall work out and turn out well. Right now, we prophesy you are being divinely set up to prosper and succeed! AMEN!


Declaration week #4

Deliverance From the Arrows

Based on Psalms 91:5 NLT

Today we decree that I and my family are covered by God's mighty angelic forces and delivered from every arrow of the enemy. We prophesy no weapon formed against us shall prosper. We say every diabolical scheme, plot, or plan of the enemy is stopped and interrupted by warring angels and God's power, and every attack must fall to the ground. We speak that we are delivered from the terror by night and from the arrow that flies by day. Every pestilence that walks in the darkness around us must stop. We declare no witchcraft curse, no demonic spell, no work of divination, no incantation, or hex will have any effect on my family or myself and is rendered entirely powerless in the authority of Jesus' Name! And right now, we say every attack is replaced with peace and calm. We speak blessing overtakes each of us and brings all chaos into divine order. We prophesy that we dwell in safety, for the Lord is our refuge. Angels are bearing each member of our family up in their hands this day and long life and salvation are upon us! Amen!


Declaration Week #5

The Broken Hearted Healed

Based on Luke 4:18

Today we decree that our hearts and souls are mended from all brokenness, turmoil, and pain. We thank God for His anoininting that heals every brokenhearted and mends all wounds. We ask Jesus, the Great Physician, to restore us from the pain arising from loss, betrayal, mistreatment, abuse, and loneliness. We say that all tormenting memories are erased from our minds. We command the spirit of fear that would come to make us apprehensive about our future to be bound in the Name of Jesus! We declare the negative events from the past have no more power to harass, haunt, or take up residence in our thoughts. We speak inner peace and emotional wholeness over our lives and that of our families and that assurance, confidence, and faith arise within each of us to replace all past brokenness. We speak a mighty and decline healing sealed now on each of us. In Jesus Mighty name!



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