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Even So Amen /New  Beginnings Church of Life

Pastor Jim Cavalieri

Pastor Jim continues his teaching on the Book of Revelation!

Missions Update 2022

By Missionary Liz Fargo

This is an update from Liz Fargo who flies to Africa and stays months at a time. After returning home, she is now giving an update with pictures of those she ministered to.

The Plan of God/ New Beginnings

By Minister Gary Ham

For every human being that is in this world, God has a plan for their lives. These are good plans that give us a future and hope! In order to find that plan and hope we must come to Christ. Then as we follow Him, He will reveal His plans for our lives on a gradual basis. Some think even as Christians, they did so much wrong they messed everything up. Not so with God. He will restore us and put us right on track again with Him.

Kings / Revelation 1:6

By Pastor Jim Cavalieri

Many Christians don't know the authority that Christ gave them when they were saved. By learning these truths, we as Christians can live triumphantly and walk over anything that would try to pull us down!

Love Covers / Revelation 1:5

By Pastor Jim Cavalieri

Have you ever wondered how much God loves us? Did you know that the Lord wants us to love in the same manner? Pastor Jim covers this as he continues to teach from the Book of Revelation!

Revelation the Study / New Beginnings Church of Life!

By Pastor Jim Cavalieri

This is a continuation of the series on Revelation. Chapter 1:5

Missio Dei / New Beginnings Church of Life

Missionaries Jim & Sue Christie

God is a Missionary God and we as the body of Christ are all called to be Missionaries in some capacity.

Jesus is the Faithful Witness / New Beginnings Church of Life

Pastor Jim Cavalieri

God many times answers our prayers in different ways than we expect. When He does, We can think that He has short-changed us somehow. Yet in all reality, He is trying to give His best to us. Pastor Jim talks about this issue in this message; Jesus the Faithful Witness!

Taste & See! / New Beginnings Church of Life

Minister Paul Brindamour

Visiting Minister Paul Brindamour reminds us that Christianity is not about Religiosity, but Relationship with Christ. It can be so easy to lose track of that. If we did, then it's time to get back to the vibrant relationship the Lord wants us to have with Him!

 Revelation Part 1 / New Beginnings Church

Pastor Jim Cavalieri

This is Part One of the Book of Revelation!

Fight the Good Fight! / Living for Christ!

Pastor Jeannine Cavalieri

It is so easy at times to go off course and begin to accept and do things we never thought we would. As Christians, we must fight the good fight if we are going to stay on course and finish our race!

The Power of Worship! / Living for Christ!

Pastor Jim Cavalieri

Worship is vital to the Christian life. This video teaches that worship is a spiritual weapon and the power it has.

Father's Day / Living for Christ!

Pastor Jim Cavalieri

A great message for Fathers and all who are raising children!

Hear and Be Healed/ Living for Christ!

Pastor Jeannine Cavalieri

This is the next edition of the Hear & Be Healed Series, Jarius' Daughter

Thanking Him in Advance / Living for Christ!

Pastor Jim Cavalieri

What is faith and how can we move in it more effectively? These questions are answered and many more as you watch this video.

An Anchor for the Soul / Living for Christ!

Minster Tony Grant

At times when waiting for our prayers or even promises to be answered, we can become discouraged thinking God has forgotten. It's in those times we need to anchor ourselves in faith and continue to believe that God will come through. It may not be in our time frame, but God has never failed!

Faith for Healing/ The Man with the withered hand/ Living for Christ!

Pastor Jeannine Cavalieri

Why would Jesus heal on the sabbath when He knew the Pharisees would condemn Him? It was His Love, Mercy, and Compassion that superseded all obstacles. So what obstacle have you placed in your life to stop the healing you need? This video will encourage you!

Free Will! / Living in Christ!

Pastor Jim Cavalieri

Why does it seem it takes forever for an answer to come to some of our prayers? What does Free Will have to do with it? Pastor Jim speaks on this in this encouraging message that you must hear!

Whatever He says Do it!/ Living in Christ!

Pastor Jim Cavalieri

If you want God's best for your life, then you must follow His instructions. Pastor Jim shares on this topic, and shows biblically those that listened to Jesus received His best!

Hear and Be Healed, Man with Palsy/ Living for Christ!

Pastor Jeannine Cavalieri

We don't have to allow past mistakes to stop us from coming to Christ. Many do. Pastor Jeannine touches on this issue as she teaches about the healing of the man with palsy.

Hear and Be Healed Part 3/ Living for Christ!

Pastor Jeannine Cavalieri

This is the third part of the series called Hear and Be Healed. In this Part Pastor, Jeannine stresses the fact that we need to speak at times to situations and sicknesses to see them resolved. Christ has given us the keys, will we use them?

Hear and Be Healed Part 2 of the Series/ Living for Christ!

Pastor Jeannine Cavalieri

This is Part-two of the Series Hear and Be Healed. Pastor Jeannine shares in this message how like many other aspects of Faith, Healing must be founded on good ground. This is a very encouraging word that will build your faith for healing!

Hear and Be Healed Part 2/ Living for Christ!

Pastor Jeannine Cavalieri

This is Part Two Of the Message Hear and Be Healed.

Hear and Be Healed Part 1/ Living for Christ!

Pastor Jeannine Cavalieri

This is the first part of a numerous series called Hear and be Healed. Pastor Jeannine Cavalieri teaches how hearing the scriptures concerning Healing is so important to build our faith to receive the Healing the Lord wants to give us. So let's Hear so we can be Healed!

How to Study the Bible / Living for Christ!

Minister Jonathan Cavalieri

Learning how to study the Bible is very important. In doing so, you can correctly interpret scripture. Not only for what it was saying in the day that it was written but also for what it means to us today. Jonathan Cavalieri lays out six steps in how to study the Bible. If these steps are followed, not only will you gain a greater understanding of the Word, but how we can better apply it to our own lives!

Living in Spirit and Truth in 2022 / Living for Christ!

Pastor Jim Cavalieri

Every year we set the course to live by as a church. In order for us as Christians to live victorious lives, we must live by His Word and Spirit. That's why Pastor Jim entitled this year's motto, Living in Spirit & Truth!

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