Father's Day 2021! /Living for Christ

By Pastor Jeannine Cavalieri

The words of our fathers can impact us both in a positive manner and also in a negative way. Even fathers that may be considered good, may slip and not always say the right words to their children. That's why it is important to know the words of our Heavenly Father and how He thinks towards us. Pastor Jeannine does just that in this message, as she shares from the book of Proverbs.


How to live in the Secret Place/ Living for Christ

By Pastor Jim Cavalieri

What is this prayer thing and what can we as Christians get out of it? How can we claim the Blessings and Protections from Psalms 91? Pastor Jim covers these topics in this message, How to Live in the Secret Place! In this message, you will realize that prayer goes much deeper than uttering a prayer while at a cup of coffee. Only as we learn to live in that Secret Place can we have the full benefits that prayer can give us!


Who are your friends?/ Living for Christ

By Pastors Jim & Jeannine Cavalieri

As Christians, it’s very important the type of friends we keep around us that speak into our lives! If we have the wrong type, (Dodo birds) they can lead us down paths of destruction. Why, because they are on the same paths themselves. Pastors Jim & Jeannine co-teach on this topic on how to discern the type of friends that we have around us and why we need friends depicted as Eagles that will greatly benefit us!


On the Solid Rock We Stand!

By Pastor Jim Cavalieri

Being the first service of 2021, Pastor Jim sets the course and the theme for New Beginnings of what God has spoken to him and his wife as Pastors for the church. Though this is not just for the Christians at New Beginnings, it is for all Christians who desire to go deeper in God and want to know what He is saying for 2021!