The Power of a Decree!

By Pastor Jeannine Cavalieri

Pastor Jeannine gives a definitive explanation of the words of Confession, Proclamation, and Decree. She goes into how important it is that we learn to Decree according to God's Principles so we can see His word fulfilled in our lives!


Are We Pressing in or Getting Pressed out? Part 2

By Pastor Jim Cavalieri

It is very important as Christians to Press into their walks with the Lord. With the adversities that Christians face, they can easily be pressed out. In Part 1,. Pastor Jim covers how we must follow the example of Paul who forgot everything that he left behind, while reach towards the things Christ had for him ahead. In Part 2, Pastor Jim covers the necessity of praying in the Spirit in order to forge ahead. If we are not Pressing in, we are probably getting Pressed out and that's not a good place to be!


Are we pressing in or getting pressed out?

By Pastor Jim Cavalieri

Living the Christian life is not always easy. The Apostle Paul was no exception to that fact. Yet despite all that he went through, his mindset was to press in and get all that the Lord had for him. He never alluded once to giving up or quitting, but he pressed through and followed the High Call of God that was on his life!


Jesus our Healer

By Pastor Jeannine Cavalieri

Is it God's will to heal? When we are healed, what do we do then? Pastor Jeannine answers these questions while exhorting us to believe for His healing and then to hold on to it!


Joy Unspeakable!

By Pastor Jim Cavalieri

What is a true joy and how does it differ from Happiness? Pastor Jim tackles this issue and teaches how a Christian can have joy all the time, even in the midst of trials! He also establishes how joy is not just to make us feel good, but there are also powerful spiritual benefits that joy can bring to us!



By Pastor Jim Cavalieri

A Storm of civil unrest is coming to America. Possibly around November during Election time! As Christians, we need to be prepared spiritually. It's time that we draw close to God so we are not shaken off when this great shaking comes! God is telling us not to abandon ship. If we do, we will suffer loss, maybe even the possibility of the loss of life!



By Pastor Jim Cavalieri

As Christians, we need to learn how to turn the tables on the devil and dish out to him what he dishes out to us. In so doing, we will silence the stones being thrown at us that causes us to feel condemned with no hope!



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