The Paraclete Ministries


Paraclete is a greek word which means;


One who consoles, or comforts, one who encourages or uplifts

Hence refreshes and/or one who intercedes on our behalf as and advocate.


"Called to ones side"



Hope is something we don't often think about when things are seemingly good, but when we are in need of it; we need as much as we can get! We are here to help provide those who are facing cancer and their caregivers a reason to hope. We want to be able to replace your fear with hope, determination, and direction. We want to enable you to take control and to gain strength for your fight against cancer. 


Cancer is a disease to which attitude is everything. Scientists are only beginning to discover how closely the mind and the emotions are connected to the body and its responses to the disease. The right attitude is critical for survival- emotionally, spiritually, and perhaps even physically.


Let us join you in your fight against cancer, let us come along side of you and shine a light on reasons to hope. Remember there is no cancer known to man that someone has not overcome! If you or someone you know is in need of support please contact us below with subject line reading Paraclete Ministries.  

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