Two ways you can attend

No registration is required to attend service but space is limited so we encourage you to arrive early.

Sunday Service Guidelines

We have done our best to consider everyone and respect whatever decision they make without any judgment because we love and value everyone in our congregation.

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Children Ministries on Sundays

  • Childcare for ages 6 weeks to 4 years old is open. 

  • Please see our door greeter in order to pick up treats for children to enjoy during the service.

  • Please consider bringing something like headphones and a tablet for your children to use during the service.

  • The nursing mother's room will be open. 

  • We are encouraging you to wear a mask when you are near other people (foyer), however, we will not force or look down on anyone who chooses not to wear a mask. It will be at your own risk. However, our Team Volunteers will be wearing a face-covering as a courtesy.

  • If you desire, you may take off your mask once you are in your seat as you should be six feet apart from people in other rows.

  • Please avoid lingering in common areas to minimize crowd congestion. 

  • Chairs have been removed from the sanctuary for physical distancing.

  • People can sit with their family or people they are comfortable with without a mask

  • Offering buckets will not be used during the service. There will be an offering drop off box available on the right-hand side as you exit.  Electronic giving is also available. 

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  • Please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds whenever utilizing restroom facilities.

  •  Hand sanitizing stations will be placed in public spaces for your convenience.

  •  Common areas will be regularly sanitized.

  • Additional personnel will be assigned to implement sanitation procedures.

  • We will have additional trash cans by the restroom doors in the case of using a paper towel to open the door and discard it.