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Ocean Commotion


At this monumental Vacation Bible School program, your kids learned to dive deep into the account of Noah and the Flood from the book of Genesis! They learned to apply the spiritual lessons from Noah’s life to their own. And, along the way, they uncovered earthly lessons from the Flood: how all the animals fit on the Ark, how the Flood covered the whole Earth, and how we can still see the effects of this Flood today. They also learned that the flood legends from around the world are based on the true account in Genesis!

Operation Arctic


This year in VBS we headed north to the coolest place to explore the coolest book on the planet – The Bible! Operation Arctic took your kids to the top of the world and encourages them to dig deep into God’s amazing Word.

VBS 2018 Team Orange Andrew, Finn Eastin

The Incredible Race


This VBS included a race filled with fun clues to find challenges to attempt, and a global scavenger hunt like you’ve never seen!  NB Kids learned about another race that started in the Garden of Eden. What race is that? The human race.

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Summer 2022

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